> Maine 2007

Maine's morning mist
Bridget on the move
Erin slowly going in
Lake water is cold
Ryan gets the hang of kayaking
Hey! I can do this!
Kelli tubing along
Getting some speed up
Going out to the middle of the lake
Sunset from our cabin
Relaxing by the campfire
A woodpecker appropriately in the woods
On a hike to Moxie Falls
Intrepid hikers
Intrepid strollers
Bad photo of a pretty wildflower
Lush foliage on the floor of the forest
There were many fallen trees
King of the rock
Halfway to the falls
Looking for fairies under the toadstools
Moxie Falls
Hiking with dad
Voted cutest vacation photo
Sleepy Sean
Going for the dock
We love it here
There she goes again
Ryan catches up with her
Looking for crawfish
I just love the view
She's always moving
Found some crawfish
Made it out to the dock
Herding the enthusiastic bathers in to safety
Can't quite get the hang of these things
You don't see this everyday
I see a moose!
Totally tuckered twin
Totally tuckered twin
Cooling down in the cabin
There's that moose