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December 09, 2014


Jennifer J in MN

I need a new calendar badly!!

Donna Marie

I need to keep up with the daily readings and the saint of the day as well as keep on track of my rapidly passing life!


I love her calendars. This one is just so beautiful. I always need help organize my life. Thanks.

Maxine Nunez

I love these planners! They are so helpful with keeping everything organized in one place, as well as keeping up with the daily readings and feast days.

Ashley D.

I would love to win because I desperately need to be more organized! Eeek!


Oooh, I love these planners so much. I would like to win one because it is by far the best Catholic planner out there - so neat, organized, and informative without being overwhelming. :)


I would love to win because I need to be more organized! 😊


Lovely calendar! I have been planning on my computer, but would love to get back to paper and ink.

Linda Meritt

I am a new Catholic and love learning about all the feast days and Saints each day!

Stephanie in Germany

I love your planners, Michele! If I win it will be for my 18yr old daughter.

Michelle Frey

I love to plan my life with something pretty. It's important for me to plan on paper, and I love these planners!!!


I would love to give this as a gift. I love Michele's planners and use it every year.


I love your planners, already have next year's. I would give this to my sister.


What a beautiful planner! I'd love to win to have one of these planners for my homeschooling

Heather White

My 18 year old is taking RCIA I would love to gift it to him.


I need to organize my life, and using an on-line calendar is not working out for me.


I'm hoping to win so I can have a fresh start to 2015!


I love my Catholic Daily Planner! Would love to win to give these as gifts to a couple of my sisters.


I need to get organized and reign in the chaos that is my life. ;)


It would be wonderful to have all the Church info in my date/school planner!


My oldest child's birthday is December 12, so Our Lady of Guadalupe is very special to our family! I would love to get organized in the new year, especially with Her image on the front cover!

Meghan MacInnis

I love these, but they are out of the budget right now. This would allow me to have one and gift one.

Wendy Tanis

I love your planners! I use the school year one but I would love to give one to my newly married daughter for Christmas! :)


Oh that's beautiful! I have a great devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, I would love one of your planners.


These planners are so beautiful and I love to read the saint quotes!!


To help me focus on living a spirit led life each day!

Linda T.

I would love to be able to give this to my MIL.

Linda T.


I am in desperate need of some organization; I'm sure there are members of my family who would agree! Thank you!

Francie M

I would love to give this to my daughter as a gift!

Jenny Litton

We can all use a little help getting organized, can't we?

Lisa Fisher

I have added being an RCIA catechist to my list of "rolls I play" including Child of God, wife, mother, homeschool teacher, church nursery caretaker, Keepers of the House crew leader and Cub Scout Den mother just to name a few. I received one of the large calendars last year with all the bells and whistles (the two additions) from my husband for Christmas and I don't think I can function without it now. Thank you for your consideration. Merry Christmas and God Bless!


I can't get the hang of Google calendar and so I need a paper calendar. One this beautiful would be a lovely bonus!


I LOVE this planner and it would be wonderful to win one at Christmastime!


I'd like to win one to share

Lucrecia Crimmins

I need more beauty, both organizational and visual in my life, both of which these planners offer.

Holly M

We started homeschooling this year and as a busy mom of 8, I really need a planner!


I teach piano, and buy calendars/planners every year. This would be a beautiful way to keep myself and my students organized!


I would like to win the planner so that I can better perform the duties of my state in life and better live the liturgical year.


It is beautiful! And I would love a planner with a Catholic theme.


In the past, I would always purchase one of these calendars.
Then I decided to go all electronic.............
Welllll, if I forget to put something in the computer or my cell, I miss the event!
This giveaway is perfect timing!
Thank you,


I would really like to have one of these planners but just can't afford it. If I won not only would I have one, but I could gift one to my dear friend who does so much for me, I could never repay her.

Kim L.

I so need to get organized and forgot to get mine at the homeschool conference this year.


A wonderful giveaway! Thanks for offering.


Sorry, why would I want to win, because the calendars are beautiful but at this time, I am unable to purchase one.


I would love to organize my life again! Thank you

Elaine Romero

I use a planner daily and it looks beautiful.

Kelly Cloak

I love your beautiful planners! One to use and one to gift! What an amazing blessing!


I would love a Michele Quigley planner because I admire so much what she shares in these planners and through her other projects!


I need to get organized!!!


I would love one of these so I can stay organized and plan better for upcoming feast days!


Would love to give one to my daughter for Christmas! Thanks for doing the give-away on this blessed feast day!

Kathy C.

This planner would help me be organized in a beautiful way!

Kansas Mom

My mom always has one of your planners and it's so beautiful!


I want to win this planner because I love the cover. In addition, it would help me model to my children, especially my two teen daughters, the art of being organized. :)

Tamara Musella

I officially become the new owner of Greystone Abbey Catholic Store on this Beautiful Holy day, Dec. 12th, and it would be such a wonderful gift for me to use to mark this special occasion!

Karen Edmisten

Your calendars are so beautiful, Michele!

Marie Monsour

If I win one of your beautiful planners, it will be hard to choose between giving it to my oldest daughter (21) to help her keep organized or to keep it for myself to help organize the rest of our clan! Thanks for the offer :)

Julie H.

I would like this to learn more about the Litugical calendar. I need to organize more my prayer time and teach my girls the importance of living the Liturgical year!Thanks for the giveaway and God Bless!!

Debra Mericle

I would love to win this planner and use it to help get organized, however, if I did win it, I think I would give it away as a gift. I work for the DRE at my church and she is the busiest lady I've ever met. She is very devoted to Our Lady, and this planner would help her make the most of 2015!


I love the feasts, readings, and all Catholic information to keep me informed. Thank you for this generous opportunity. God bless you!


What a beautiful cover! :)

Lisa G

I use a planner to balance the craziness that is nursing school and family life! And it's about that time of year for a new one ;)

Roxane Mann

I LOVE these calendars/organizers! Thank you for this opportunity.



I have tried to keep a calendar on my computer, but there is something about actually writing plans on paper that is simply more effective for me. Aligning our lives with the liturgical year is such a blessing! I would be grateful to win one of these beautiful planners.


Because I need organization!


For so many years, I didn't need a planner, but lo and behold, this morning, I decided it was time. Then this giveaway shows up!


I'd like to win because I work in the church, volunteer at my son's school, volunteer at the same church where I work, and I tutor. I forget lots of things :(


These are so pretty! I love how it surrenders all that one does for God's glory!

Kimberly Donahue

I have three children and need all the help I can get with getting organized!

Kathy J

I love having all the saints, feasts, readings, and quotes listed right there. The covers are so beautiful that I have a hard time deciding which one to pick. It makes me happy; this is one of life's simple pleasures. I love these Catholic planners!


I hope that a planner will help me be more organized, and I love OL Guadalupe, so this would be a plus.

Beth Porkert

I would love to win one for the beauty of it and the sad fact that I seem to forget more and more as the years progress. So, a planner would be helpful.


Michele's planners are simply the best...they are so beautiful!! I am deeply devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe. I chose to be married on her feast day, then learned that I was also baptized (as a newborn) on Dec. 12! She has blessed my life and my family in many ways! Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas and Protectress of the Unborn, ora pro nobis!

Heather Volpe

I want to win because I love these planners and I use one every year to get us organized around here! :)

Angela Eckel

I am in desperate need of a planner, so I can have a better functioning brain, in order to be a better mother and not a skitzo 😩 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


There will be no shopping for us this Christmas -- God's will. I would love to bless a loved one with this gem.

Dans Griffin

I so need organization!

Meaghan Ruf

I need a planner... My little whiteboard on the refrigerator is just not cutting it! And this is such a beautiful planner.

Lisa DeLisio

Michele's planners are the best. I would love to win a planner to use in the new year.


I've been recycling my calendar for a few years now. Single mom who needs more organization. Thanks!


Planners are a life saver; especially one with Saint Feast days and a Catholic format. It helps one to center their day around Christ. These planners do just that.


My paper calendar is used up and I need a new one!

Lisa Sweet

I wanted to order one at the beginning of this school year and never did. I am sorely missing it! I need one that gives me the Catholic feasts and readings and has homeschooling planning sheets. This planner has it all!

Aaron D'Souza

I want to give one to my friend, Kevin. He has helped me out spiritually and love everything Catholic.

JoAnn Barham

I need one!!!! :D


I need aa planner and keep forgetting to order one!

Lori Richmond

God has Blessed us with a generous and understanding son who has been helping his Dad make ends meet. It would be wonderful to not have to burden them with asking for next years planner.

Mary M

I need a planner because I tried to order one too late this summer and they were sold out - and my fall has been a mess...need to not forget things (like when to reorder int eh spring)! The Guadalupe ones are beautiful!


I have been using the calendar on my computer and realized that my time is being wasted between "appointments", I need paper to keep goals in front of me.

Tami Benner

I just started the formation program for Lay Ministers in my diocese, I teach religious ed to inner-city 4th and 5th graders, and homeschool 3 kids. Let's not even mention the fact that I struggle with the bizarre effect of menopause on a once-functional brain. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...I need all the help I can get!

Erika Drain

I need this planner to help me keep my life organized! Thank you!

Jennifer G. Miller

I would like my son to try my favorite planner.


I have recently returned to the church after 25 years! I am long-time homeschooler and would love the Catholic inspiration to add joy to my homeschooling days! :-)

Lynn B

Oh, if only I could win! :) I have so many "lives" that I need to pull together in one place...homeschool, home business, family, social, etc. These look beautiful!!


I love these planners and would love this image of Our Lady!

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