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Mater Et Magistra

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December 15, 2010


Karen Edmisten

What a great story! I have, more than once, had my middle child's prayers to St. Anthony, be miraculously answered.

Happy Advent!


Beautiful beautiful story. I love ST Anthony stories. It is always instantly like that isn't it?

You have to show your mil this story.


Thank goodness (or actually, St. Anthony!)


Sigh - glad it was a happy ending. In many futile efforts to be organized I put things away and can't find them but later find them where I've already searched. My youngest daughter is always praying to St. Anthony for me! (The prayer I learned was "Please St. Anthony come around, something's lost that cant' be found.) Thank you for a nice reminder to be more childlike in faith!


I have oft said, St. Anthony answers prayers so fast - he will make your head spin right off it's axis! No fooling! What a saint he is!
He is that wonderful!

Elizabeth C.

aawww sweet! This read like a bedtime story. Loved it!

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