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December 04, 2008


Taku Nishimae

Dear Ms.Mary Ellen Barrett,

Pardon me for contacting you through this blog.

I'm Taku Nishimae, a producer in charge of special programs for TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System), Japan's television network.

The program is titled "Song to Soul", which is an in depth music documentary that covers the origins of modern classics and historical background of the music. TBS is one of the largest and the most popular network in Japan. (http://www.tbs.co.jp/eng/)
"Song to Soul" is a new 60-minute weekly music documentary program on TBS' satellite channel. The program will portray legendary song / album with in depth look at the cultural, social and technical back ground. We're working on our latest episode featuring "White Christmas / Irving Berlin"

For this program , we sincerely hope we can conduct an interview session with you.

Irving Berlin's music is a very important part of American cultural fabric, and as you know, has been a huge influence on music scene everywhere including Japan to date. The song has a profound influence on society not only in US but to other cultures as well.
We'd love to hear from your point of view how those modern classics were created and recorded. We'd also like discuss how the song was received in a society and the influence of it culturally. It is very important for our documentary program to have an interview with you.

We have experienced the remarkable music revolution and innovation since the 50's and its influences and effects were border-less, and people all over the world genuinely feel it as contemporary. Yet there has not been a single good documentary project on Japanese TV that deals with this very aspect of our modern culture. In the US and UK, we have many great music documentaries that younger generations have opportunities to be exposed to, and learn from the modern classics. We simply did not have any TV shows, movies on these themes at all in Japan until now.
Now finally we have created one and the reception has been phenomenal. Rave after rave every week. Our program "Song to Soul" has quickly become a talk among the music lovers.The show has received the highest critical acclaim with in-depth interviews with such artists and producers as Ms. Roberta Flack, Mr. Richard Carpenter, Mr. John Bettis, Mr. Phil Ramone, Mr. Don Felder, Mr. Bill Szymczyk, Mr. Lou Adler, Mr. Leon Ware, Members of Los Lobos, Members of 10cc, Mr. Ron Carter, Mr. Phil Ramone, Mr. Lee Ritenour, Mr. Brian Wilson, and Mr. Jimmy Page,  just to name a few.

Our program would portray the music in multiple ways. Our focus is also how the songs were received in Japan and what kind of impact it made on people's lives so that we can put the music in a broader context and examine the connections and influences of the music to world culture and to the present time.
The song touched many souls around the world, and for some of the Japanese artists, it was a ''true inspiration' to write songs and be a performer. We wish that we could have your voice in the program to show how much it is appreciated, how the song keep inspiring so many people.

Let me sum up my request.

When    : Filming December 12~14, 2008
        Will be broadcasted nationwide on TBS in Japan in late Jnuary 2009
Where   : Anywhere in NY area

You can contact me anytime at

Thank you for your kind consideration and we'd be honored to have you in our program.
Looking forward to working with you.

Warmest Regards,

Taku Nishimae
for TBS

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