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November 16, 2006


Alice Gunther

Jenn, you've done it again! This post is beautiful and so full of wonder to add delight and holiness to our Advent and Christmas season. What a joy it is to find this here!

Love2learn Mom

Wow! Excellent book list! Thanks!


Thank you, Jenn! This is an incredible list of books. I hadn't realized that so many books had been written about St. Nicholas. Don't forget to visit http://www.stnicholascenter.org for some wonderful ideas to accompany this book list.


Jenn-wonderful compilation of all-things St. Nicholas. thanks.


I have looked at all of this on amazon the last few days, trying to decide. Your list is wonderful. Thank you!

Our Magnum Opus

Oh Jenn! Printing, printing...

We always read 'The Bakers Dozen', in fact we shaped a cookie cutter to match the one in the book, and bake our gingerbread cookies. And I can't even read 'The Miracle of St. Nicholas' without crying. Now there are so many more books to want!

Katherine in TX

These books are wonderful. I ordered the titles I didn't have and am so excited to read them to the kids for his feast. Thank you!

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