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October 15, 2006



Dawn, I love it, and I especially appreciate the clear instructions and photographs. The tealights are an especially nice idea because they will not break or blow out as easily as tall taper candles. This truly would make a memorable gift.


I love this as well. It seems like a much safer option when involving children. I always struggle to put together an Advent wreath. We are making this for certain. Thanks so much.

Mary Ellen Barrett

This is such a wonderful craft for children to help with and do. I love the whole thing. It also does not look crafty when it was finished. I could well believe you spent a good bit of money on this from a catalog. Well done Dawn and thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talents with us.

Account Deleted

Dawn, what a wonderful idea. We will definitely be making this. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Cay in La.

This is beautiful. What a perfect Christmas gift.

Jenn Miller

Lovely, Dawn! Such clear directions, and such a lovely wreath. I'd say this one is perfect for those who are allergic to evergreen, too. ;-)


WONDERFUL! I am sure DH will like it better (and I bet you could also paint the outside of the votive holders the colour you want too!!)

Margaret in Minnesota

This is lovely, especially the colored ribbon around the votives. There is so much you could do with that idea.

Thank you, Dawn!


What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!

I am wondering though, how well did the hot glue hold up when the candles were lit? Did it soften and allow the ribbon to come loose?

Is there a heat proof glue that might work as well?



Krisann, this is an excellent question! When we made the Archangels candles we had them lit until the tealights burned down (and hour maybe?) and the ribbon held up.

I will try lighting the ribbon candles daily over the next few days to see if there is an issue with the glue. I wonder if there is a heat proof glue out there?


Oh, and I also wanted to say thank you to you all for your lovely comments! :)


Is that a Southern Living pedestal? I have one, too, and your advent wreath idea would put that pedestal to perfect use. Thanks, and God bless!

Diane Ingram

I went online tonight to find something different for an Advent workshop that we've been doing almost 10 years...just how many DIFFERENT wreaths can you possibly make?? This idea is perfect for what I was looking for - thank you!!

Kathy Baus

Thank you for the idea for the Advent wreath. It is something that our parishioners could make for Advent. I'm looking for crafts that students could make to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe. any ideas? Kathy


Please tell me the dimensions of the wooden base that you used. This is a great idea and I want to cut the base myself rather than buy a base.

Krisann, this is an excellent question! When we made the Archangels candles we had them lit until the tealights burned down (and hour maybe?) and the ribbon held up.


What devotions do you use each night of Advent?

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