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March 04, 2014


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Leslie Hickman

I enjoy inviting my children's friends over.

Leslie Hickman

And I shared on Facebook. Thanks!

Rachel May

I admit I hate being hospitable so inviting families over for pizza and a movie (my husband makes the pizza) is low effort fun.

Yolanda Goddard

A pretty tiered plate makes any goodie look beautiful. A combination of almost homemade treats and store-bought for an easy spread.

Yolanda Goddard

Also shared on facebook. My oldest and I have wanted this book for some time!

Cas Brungardt

For my family and especially for guests I try to set a lovely table not just for special meals but any meal, especially in the evening. I know guest feel special when you do this. I will share on facebook.


I have family members in charge of different things during the party: husband(drinks), daughter(bathroom upkeep), son(music), etc.


Shared on facebook!

Kristin Pimentel Choate

I love spontaneously inviting someone over. I feel like it puts less pressure on me to do something amazing and there is a lower likelihood of having to cancel because of a sick child or other reason. Thanks so much for your talk last night. It really inspired me.

Kristin Pimentel Choate

Shared on Facebook.

Angi Jones

I love inviting my homeschool group over, I provide the coffee, and we all share snacks,

Angie Wolfe

We love to practice hospitality by hosting an Advent Tea Party for all our girls friends every year.

Angie Wolfe

Shared on facebook!!


I am learning all about hospitality with my new business! I have always tried to host activities for families and moms, even when my house was less than perfect. I would love to use the hospitality program with my girls!
Shared on Facebook, too! :-)

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