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September 18, 2013


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Melanie Bettinelli

"This can be farmed out to a child as young as eight." Yahoo! Next year I'll finally have an eight year old. Right now things are pretty chaotic here. My seven year old is the strewer, the absent-minded type who I fear will never be trained to put things away. She just doesn't live in a world where things have places that they go. And I feel like I can make very little progress no matter how much of a nuisance I make of myself because I just don't think her brain works that way. Fortunately, the next three all show signs of being much more trainable.

I hear you when you say cleanliness and order are important to you. The great irony of my life is that I began to have an interest in housekeeping and putting everything in order at about the time I started having kids. So far my ability to have babies has far outstripped my ability to keep up with the learning curve of how to keep a tidy environment with small people present. Oh well, as you say, I'm sure I'm growing in sanctity.

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